DIY LED Lite Box- Using your imagination for bright ideas    
*This is not a step by step tutorial but more meant to inspire/challenge/motivate you to create your own lite box using resources around you*
We have never explored using LED’s as a light source for photography but had a great idea for a lite box that would get us started
We had a 30 watt RDL 03 LED Spot light (150 watt equivalent) at the studio that had been given to Oakman Street Station to try in their workshop. They’re searching for ideal lighting solutions throughout the space and didn’t feel this would provide adequate coverage for cost per unit. So they donated it for the project. Thank you OSS!


You will need a host of tools and materials. The quantity/type will depend on skill level and how elaborate you’re trying to make it.
We started with the basics
-LED Light *$75 (ours was donated)
-Dimmer switch *$12
-Miscellaneous materials *$0 (re-purposed scraps and hardware)
-Total cost *$12



Since most LED’s are dim-able we picked up a dimmer switch to control it
After assembling the box with cut-outs we did a dry assembly of all components in their locations and a functional test.   We then dissembled everything and finished it with extra black paint.



After the paint cured the box was reassembled, wired, and ready for use
We added a chrome draw pull for a finishing touch



Overall pretty happy with the way this turned out.
It’s a great way to illuminate your tabletop photography on a budget using a little creativity
Here’s a video showing features and the lite box in action



Tabletop creations




LED Box Lite by





Aerial Photography- Tilt shift model effect made easy

Here is an easy way to give your images a “model” look. You’ll need Cs Photoshop or some editing software that allows you to work in layers.
**Watch the 2 videos below in HD (1080p) full screen and follow the mouse pointer for step by step guidance*

Tigers model



New Center model