MCPW and Mail On Sunday

Last summer, in anticipation of Virgin Atlantic starting daily direct flights from Heathrow Airport to Detroit Metro, journalist Steve Turner paid a visit to Detroit to see what all the fuss was about.¬† He booked a tour with MCPW and his article in the Daily Mail on Sunday travel section was published last Sunday. Maple…


Local Detroit filming

  Last spring, MCPW was contacted to assist with a location scout for a local indie filmmaker. As it turns out, one of our tour goers, Lisa Connors, had been on one of our tours to an abandoned hospital and was inspired to write a short screenplay. Director Victor Pytko contacted MCPW for location assistance,…

What’s left

A look back

Looking back With the end of 2015 approaching we wanted to take a look back at all the fantastic places and things we’ve been able to see. Buildings have come, gone, and some have risen from the ruins to be part of the New Detroit. We would like to thank all the people we’ve experienced…

Packard peeps

The Picture Professional

The Picture Professional Jesse Welter of MCPW recently did an interview with Lauren Westerfield from The Picture Professional Magazine ¬†showcasing our Photo Safari Tours. The article runs in issue 2 of 2015. Lauren did a great job capturing the moment of what we do around Detroit.Thank you Picture Professional! It’s a good read and please…


Detroit Paris of the Midwest

Detroit Paris of the Midwest A few weeks back one of our tour attendees Laron Austin returned home to visit his hometown Detroit. He wanted to see and video the changes since the last time he was here many years ago.¬† Laron’s video rig consisted of a Blackmagic Camera . A unique design packed in…