Beautifying Blight with MCPW

A lot of what we see on our tours may be given the label “blight”. Definition of ‘Economic Blight’-The visible and physical decline of a property, neighborhood or city due to a combination of economic downturns, residents and businesses leaving the area, and the cost of maintaining the quality of older structures. Call it what…


All day .. Detroit Freestyle

Our full 8 hr tour turned up some   excellent   photo opportunities Joined by a father/daughter team from New York and a local celeb we a hand full of prime locations Everyone shot “freestyle”. This created a unique perspective on composition and aperture We just wanted to share a few pics   Candlelit?  …

Last stance

Last stance at the Packard?

  Sunday March 9th we conducted a Extended URBEX Tour and our last stop was the Packard Automotive plant. Upon arrival we were greeted by the security firm hired by Fernando Palazuelo the current owner of the Packard. The uniformed guard did not talk to us or exit the security vehicle he was driving. Instead…


MCPW with Channel 9 News Australia

MCPW had the pleasure of giving Channel 9 News Australia’s Darren Curtis a guided tour/interview of the “behind the scenes” of Detroit. Darren and the photographer had pro gear and conducted themselves the same. Great experience with these 2! I got a brief chance to speak with Darren and got some background information on him.…

tv view

101.1 WRIF – Nightcall with Peter Werbe

  I’ve been a long time listener of Nightcall. How awesome is it that Peter is a native of Detroit and a long time “Peoples Rights” activist? Last Sunday I was listening and thought I’d call in to get Peter and Juline’s opinion about the tours of Detroit we offer. The response was great. I…