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Pleasant surprises

We’re always looking for opportunities for new places to explore and turn up some pretty cool places. On our private tour today we ran across a gem of vacant churches! Beautifully intact yet a feeling of abandonment The orange carpet brought a nice golden feel and the vaulted ceilings gave it a grand feeling  …


Beautifying Blight with MCPW

A lot of what we see on our tours may be given the label “blight”. Definition of ‘Economic Blight’-The visible and physical decline of a property, neighborhood or city due to a combination of economic downturns, residents and businesses leaving the area, and the cost of maintaining the quality of older structures. Call it what…


All day .. Detroit Freestyle

Our full 8 hr tour turned up some   excellent   photo opportunities Joined by a father/daughter team from New York and a local celeb we a hand full of prime locations Everyone shot “freestyle”. This created a unique perspective on composition and aperture We just wanted to share a few pics   Candlelit?  …

From the Book

Detroit’s Book Tower

On a recent private tour we had a chance to access the Book Tower in downtown Detroit. Katy, a art teacher and photographer from LA, and I climbed all the way to the top.. 38 floors. The view from up there is breathtaking as you step out onto the balcony in the open air. Get…

packard bikes

MCPW with Detroit Hard Land Project

MCPW had the pleasure of guiding Espen Rasmussen (photographer) and Roy Freddy Andersen (journalist) at their stop in Detroit as they travel from Chicago to New York by car. They are creating a modern multimedia project called Hard.Land A journey through Blue Collar America to meet the people struggling to keep the American Dream alive:…