MCPW Membership

This document is evolving..

On November 12th we began the addition of an annual membership dues based system. We are expanding rapidly around the Detroit region and need a more predictable budget. We want to offer and do more, that’s why we created the Pro Membership

There’s no cost to test us out, see who we are, what we are like, opportunities we offer. We encourage a trial period to be participatory and get involved. We are a loose group run by many people who love to see others develop.

Note that access or involvement is not stifled by membership options.

There are two options for participating in the Motor City Photography Workshops Meetup Group

Pro Members, Yearly Membership
Cost: $45/year


• Frequent URBEX Card (attend 9 outings, the 10th is free) Previous attendees may roll their backdated outings into cards
• Free Events / Photowalks / Socials
• 15% off MCPW workshops where specified in the outing description
• MCPW Membership card
• Free Contests Participation (Photo/Exhibit Shows)
• Pro Member Only Events (Advanced Outings/others)
• Monthly Newsletter
• MCPW Startup Package, Includes membership cards and welcome package
• More to Come as We Can Offer It! Perks will only increase

Basic Members, the a la carte Membership
Cost: Basic Members are allowed to come to any public event and may have a fee incurred from nothing to $10.

Money Matters, Where Does Ours Go?

Money made by MCPW is kept in MCPW. From transaction fees to acquiring new group equipment, it all goes back into the group. The following is a partial breakdown of where some of those funds are allocated.

• Fees
• Event Hosting Fees
• Drinks / Snacks
• Lending Library Acquisitions
• Speakers / Guest Lecturers
• Upcoming Contest Prizes
• MCPW Equipment Needs
• Facility acquisition/maintenance
• Think of it as a Kick Starter campaign to be able to offer more of what
you want


Sign up today! Pro Membership

If you have any questions or suggestions to improve our Pro Membership program we encourage you to ask

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